MG Studio
80's Metal Example - Heaven Tonight (Yngwie Malmsteen Cover)
Hard Rock Example - Poison (Alice Cooper Cover)
Metal Example - The Dark
Heavy Metal Example - By The Flames
Acoustic Example - Wicked Games (Chris Isaak Cover)


The professional recording of a song is an essential step in the career of an artist or a band. It will be his calling card to solicit musicians, concert halls, festivals, bookers, tour organizers, producers, etc., but also to broadcast his music and build a fanbase ready to follow him in his future events. In short, it provides essential credibility without which one cannot evolve.


Artistic Identity Respected

My rigour imposes me to work in respect of the artistic vision of the project entrusted to me. I attach particular importance to listening to and understanding the expectations of the artist.

Theory at the Service of Emotion

Scales, intervals, harmonizations have no secrets for me. "Feeling" supported by a precise theoretical knowledge is what makes all the difference.

Musician Above All

Musician above all, it is as an author, composer, arranger and artistic director that I propose to take part in the musical and creative aspect of your project in case of need.

Superior Quality

In constant improvement, from hardware to software, the gear used is always of professional quality in accordance with a solid know-how always growing.

An Exceptional Customer Relationship

Your level of satisfaction will be mine. Meticulous, I am committed to ensuring that you get the result you expected, and why not even exceed your expectations?

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